Some projects require a very visual display of extra quality. For example, signage on a prestigious yacht will want to stand out as something very special, so you could offer thicker stainless steel with the edges polished to jewellery standards. This works well with both satin and polished stainless steel front faces.

Making the best possible impression

A small brass label can convey a very exclusive message about your customer’s brand if made from thicker brass than would normally be used, and with the edges ground to emphasise the chunky look of the plate. As a general rule, satin brass conveys a much higher appearance of quality than does polished brass. If the metal plates that we will be supplying will be part of a presentation, such as a point of sale display, we can discuss how best to integrate our parts with the whole design, and advise the best way to achieve the special look that your customer wishes to achieve.

We are always happy to help design such plates or signage schemes from the very earliest stages of your project, so please feel free to call us to discuss your ideas 01670 512090 or use the quick link above to send us an email. Because we are a trade-only manufacturer, we can be trusted with the most confidential projects, see our Trade-only Policy.