For interior and exterior wayfinding signage for hotels, apartments and office suites, chemical etching adds a touch of quality that is unrivalled. Point of sale displays can be brought to life by adding a beautifully etched plate to present your client’s brand.

We use a unique photographic process to create unbelievably high definition images, expertly carved into the surface of metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper and bronze. Because it is such a precise process that can define text that is less than 1mm high, the sharpness of text and graphics is quite astonishing. This is particularly noticeable on small labels, where standard etching processes tend to produce blurred text.

We have techniques to make the etched surface itself look beautiful, or we can infill the etched detail using colours, including colours that touch without separation lines, or even blend into each other.

There are times when deeper etching is required, such as the brass rubbing plate, or to produce a cast plaque effect. We select the ideal depth for each design.

We stock an extensive range of metals, all of the highest possible quality. For example, we only use 316 marine grade stainless steel. We can offer all of these metals in polished and satin finishes, and in various thicknesses to suit your customer’s requirements. We can even combine satin and polished finishes to create stunning effects. Most importantly, we have the expertise to advise you on designs and materials that will work for your project, be it large or small.

Our etched stainless steel wayfinding signage is certified to have passed BS 476: Part 6: 1989 + A1: 2009 – Fire Propagation, and has achieved Class1: BS 476: Part 7: 1997 – Surface Spread of Flame. This makes it safe to use in high-rise buildings. See further details on our Fire Tested Signs page.

Pictures speak much more clearly than words, so please take a moment to browse through our carefully selected gallery of etched signs and nameplates which we hope will inspire you to create products and signage schemes that will delight your customers. There is also a PDF which you can download from this page which explains the process in detail.