We have made commemoration plates for the tops of mountains and the bottom of the sea. No matter what event or person is to be remembered, and wherever that may be, we can make a high quality commemoration plaque to suit the occasion. There are some popular choices shown here. Please click on the previews at the bottom of this page to open a larger image and a description of why each plaque was chosen for that occasion. If you want advice about the best option for an event or location, please email your enquiry sales@multitechnic.co.uk

Satin stainless steel with etched and paint filled graphics is a popular choice for outdoor commemoration plaques. Rust staining is a common problem with outdoor plaques, so we only use the best quality 316 marine grade stainless steel supplied with plated brass or stainless steel fixings to ensure a long life.

Anoprinted aluminium is a good choice for plaques under trees or in garden locations where watering, grass cutting and bird droppings would damage less robust plaques. It will even stand up to being stood on, and if the graphics are black, it will never fade, not even in extreme sunshine.

Etched brass is a traditional choice for indoor memorial plaques. We can apply a satin finish to reduce reflections and lacquer to protect the surface, so just an occasional clean with furniture polish will keep it looking superb for many years. We also supply hardwood bases to fit certain standard sizes. Outdoor brass plates are supplied with a polished finish
and will require frequent cleaning with Brasso or a similar metal polish.

Our anoprinted aluminium is also available with a gold colour that is permanent for outdoor use. This can be useful where a gold colour is required but where brass would not be a practical choice.