Our technical guides are designed to be quick and easy to read, yet also very informative. If you have a job to discuss with a customer on any of the subjects covered below, it is worth reading the appropriate guide to refresh your knowledge, so you can answer any questions that they may have with confidence. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us, we like to talk. If you are unsure about a logo or design, email us a copy or a link to it, and we will have a look at it straight away for you and advise how best to proceed. We are not just here to make things for you, we are here to help too.

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching into stainless steel, brass, and other metals is a very high quality method of engraving into the surface. This guide shows how this is done, how colours can be added, and how the signs can be finished off.

Digital Anoprinting

Digital Anoprinting produces high quality full colour graphics inside the hard surface of anodised aluminium. This guide briefly explains the process, and then you will understand why it makes such robust signs and labels for use in harsh environments, as well as practical wayfinding signage.


Brass signs will always be popular, but they are often requested for applications where they will be either totally impractical, or will require a lot more maintenance than your customer may expect. This guide helps you to avoid offering brass signs where they would not be appropriate, and also shows how to make beautiful brass signs for those occasions when brass is an ideal choice for your customer’s project.


If you are planning to use etched or anoprinted signs for a wayfinding scheme, our Wayfinding Guide will help you with ideas for finishes, fixing methods, and to choose appropriate materials.

About us

A brief guide to who we are and what we do.

Floor Number Signage Regulations

A guide to fire safety signage for buildings with a top floor more than 11m above ground level.